Extending healthy human lifespan is becoming a realistic possibility


Increasingly scientific research is showing that the various processes of aging are amenable to intervention, so we could soon be living healthy, active lives for far longer than people have ever done before.



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High impact studies on lifespan

Promising substances aim for definitive regenerative results, providing with life-extending results that might just change the world as we know it.

Right now very few high impact studies investigating lifespan are initiated each year - and with around one in ten promising substances tested so far found to actually make mice live longer, this is painfully slow progress. We are working to redress this situation and with an international team of dedicated researchers, high quality laboratories and a dedicated team, we are hoping to make a real contribution to the field of regenerative medicine.


Discover new applications of existing drugs for humans on aging and long-term health. For example the use of


Our project goal is to test many compounds and interventions to confirm their efficacy in lifespan studies.


We plan to publish our research open access to facilitate progress.